OneSuite Fax Review

January 25, 2011
by Gregory A. Sanders for

OneSuite ( is a Los Angeles, California based telecommunications company which offers an email to fax service as part of its larger offerings.

OneSuite Fax is not a cloud fax service. It requires software to be installed on your computer which creates the fax file on your computer then sends it over OneSuite’s telecommunications channels.

OneSuite has a relatively unique payment system. When you create a OneSuite account, you pay a flat fee up front. You have the option of choosing to pay ten, fifteen, twenty or thirty dollars. When you select the type of service you want, in this case OneSuite Fax, the appropriate amount is deducted from your account. When your account is about to be depleted, you recharge it to keep it open and active.

You should be aware that if your account is not recharged in six months, it will expire. Each time you recharge your account you extend the expiration date out six months from that day.

Levels of Service offers two levels of service.

OneSuite Fax Basic is receive only. For $1.00 per month you get a local exchange fax number and the ability to receive unlimited faxes which are delivered to the email address of your choice. Copies of your inbound faxes are stored on OneSuite servers for 30 days for troubleshooting purposes. Because all inbound faxes are delivered to you in the form of a PDF file, you can copy them using the backup strategy of your choice.

OneSuite Fax Plus extends the Basic service to receive and send. Paying $2.95 per month instead of $1.00 per month sets you up to send faxes using the OSFX software. It also expands the number of incoming fax email addresses from one to five. If you need a toll-free number, you can add one for an additional $2.95 per month.

Software Download Required

Sending faxes from your computer requires downloading OneSuite’s special software called OSFX. This software is available for Windows only. Support for Mac and Linux operating systems is promised in the near future. The OSFX software is your computer’s outbound fax generator. It has a coversheet creator and a phone book for storing all your contacts’ fax numbers. You can use this phone book to set up broadcast faxes. You are able to import fax lists to the phone book using any of several common file formats.

Paying for Faxing

Outbound faxes are charged on a per page basis at the same rate as their long-distance telephone rates. For example, as of January 2011, faxes sent in the US to the lower 48 states are billed at 2.5 cents each.

You are only billed for successfully completed faxes. All inbound faxes are included in your $1.00 (Basic) or $2.95 (Plus) per month service fee. Each month, your account is charged for activity which occurred the previous month. You have to deposit more money into your account to keep it active. If your account drops below a zero balance, services are suspended until you recharge your account.

Different Can Be Good

OneSuite does email fax a little different than most of the services we review. That doesn’t necessarily mean they should not be considered for your online fax needs. Their pricing is very competitive, and the pay-as-you-go aspect of what they do can be very appealing to some.

As always, read the fine print and do the math. You might find that OneSuite Fax can save you a little dough without costing you any convenience at all.