UFax Review

January 31, 2011
by Gregory A. Sanders for toponlinefax.com

UFax (www.ufax.net) is based in Columbus, Ohio and has been in business since 2003. UFax, Ltd. has been listed as an Accredited Business with the Better Business Bureau since 2005, and has an A- BBB rating.

UFax offers email and online fax services for individuals and small businesses. They offer three levels of service which include either a local or toll-free fax number, or both. If you have an existing fax number, they will assist you in getting your number ported to the UFax service for a one-time fee.

UFax Feature Snapshot

The monthly subscription covers a specified number of inbound and outbound faxes to anywhere in the US or Canada without long-distance charges. International calling is not mentioned on their website.

Ufax Web Access allows users to access their fax documents by use of their web browser. You can edit and digitally sign documents through this interface. You are also able to manage aspects of your account, create contacts lists, folders for document storage and set up custom coversheets and notifications through this internet portal.

The Ufax Web Access Document Library is a way to store frequently used documents on the UFax servers so you or other authorized users have access to them from anywhere using the browser interface. If you have a set of forms or product sheets that clients often need, this is a convenient way to make them available.

Other notable features include, email notification of transmission success or failure, optical character recognition (OCR) of incoming fax documents, HIPAA compliance and SMS text notification when you receive a fax.

UFax Packages and Fees

UFax offers three packages to their customers. The Standard package includes a local fax number, 1000 inbound and 500 outbound pages, and a 30-day free trial period. The cost is $12.95 per month.

The Premium package has a toll-free number instead of a local number, 400 inbound pages and 500 outbound pages per month. The cost for this package is $15.95 per month.

The Extreme package has both a local and a toll-free number. 1000 inbound local, 400 inbound toll-free and 500 outbound pages per month are included in this package.

Each of the three UFax packages have a $4.95 setup fee. There is also a $50.00 fee for porting your existing number to Ufax if you are going to shut down your existing fax line. The fee for pages over the alloted amount each month is 10 cents per page.


UFax seems to have a solid offering. The age of the company along with the BBB credential are signs of stability. There are a couple of things that you should be aware of before signing up.

UFax owns the fax number. It is not yours. If you are assigned a number by UFax, they retain rights to that number when you leave. You may not port a UFax number out of their system.

The lack of any mention of international faxing raises a red flag. Be sure to call them and ask about this if you plan to fax documents outside the United States and Canada.

There is not a list of file types for email file attachments on their website or in their support section. The most information you can get before signing up is:

“You may send faxes from your computer (via email) using UFAX to any fax number in the United States or Canada. Simply send an email to send a fax! To get detailed instructions on how to send faxes, login to your account and click on the link to download your UFAX User Manual.”

Taking everything into account, UFax appears to offer a competitive product with rates that are in line with other providers in this market.